Glass Manifestation Film

We’re all aware of the age-old joke of someone walking head first into a glass door! Well, no more. By law, all businesses are required to prevent such accidents by clearly marking glass to make sure it’s visible.

We have various patterns already in place featuring the standard dots, squares or stripes.

Or you can create your very own bespoke design, be it your company logo, your business ethos or why not have some words of inspiration inscribed to encourage a work-friendly environment?

Once you decide, we can design it, supply it, and come to your premises to fit it. And importantly, you’ll be meeting all the health and safety standards you need to.



It couldn’t be easier. These quick steps show you our commercial process from start to finish and because we supply all the film, generate all the designs and fit the final film ourselves – we can keep standards high and costs low.

  • Give us a call and we’ll arrange a site visit

  • We test the glass on which the film will appear to ensure compatibility

  • We’ll take pictures

  • We’ll take measurements

  • We’ll supply and fit your window film!

  • You’ll stand back and admire it.

  • Job done.

We’re your number one resource for commercial, residential and automotive window film. We supply and fit the film. We offer 100s of graphics and designs or we can create a bespoke design for you. We offer the complete window film service.

Your specialist window film tinting company.

Based in Belfast - just 5 minutes from the City Centre - we’re one of the leading firms to offer a complete window film tinting service for commercial, residential and automotive clients.

For over 7 years we’ve been making a big impression on businesses, homes and cars across the country. So much so that we’re now firmly at the forefront of this specialised art: designing, supplying and fitting all sorts of film for all sorts of purposes.

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Why choose us

  • We have over 7 years’ experience in the film tinting industry.
  • We operate a flexible opening policy so we’re here when it suits you.
  • We provide an excellent service from initial design right through to final fitting
  • We’re reliable, trustworthy and our previous works speaks for itself
  • We offer excellent competitive costs and deliver only the highest quality